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I too often get people making comments on what I look like, so yes this post is gonna be about self-image.

So since about 2 years ago, when I cut my hair real short, so many people like to make assumptions as to who they think I am. I wore dark clothes, ripped jeans, band shirts, and fake tapers so everyone wanted to make assumptions as to who they think I am. I walked strange, so people liked to make assumptions as to who they thought I was. I didn’t talk to many people, so they thought I was strange. See the pattern here? If I put it all together, what they figured of me, would be a totally different person. My mindset has always been…it doesn’t matter..if it’s not true, but it starts to hurt my feelings anyway.

They thought I was a lesbian. They thought I was some badass, weird emo chic. They thought I was mentally challenged. They thought I was “odd” or “strange”. There is nothing wrong with being any of those things, so don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. What hurts is that they’d rather judge me by my cover, than get to know me. It saddens me that in this day and age, I couldn’t be happy with my hair..the way I look, without someone making me feel bad about it…without questioning it. It’s all about looks.

I had people just come out and ask me if I’m a lesbain..I’m thinking..you barely know me…and in fact it’s none of your damn business.

It starts to hurt me when I hear all of these judgements that people were making behind my back. Calling me a “special snowflake”, a “lesbian”, “strange”, “emo”, “emotionally not there”. Telling me I need to be “more like my sister and talk more”. How is that supposed to make me feel?

If you get to know me, I’m this shy, friendly girl. Do I have some problems? Of course I do, who doesn’t? How dare you judge me based on what you see. Yes, I walk and run a little different because my ankles are a little different looking. I don’t see a thing wrong with it, even if it looks “gross” as someone told me.

The source of the issue is that today, everyone needs to know everything about you, they want to know your story, what you’re like, what you’re doing, who you’re dating, but they refuse to take the time out of their lives to actually get to know you. So what do they do? They assume until they turn blue.

So many stereotypes that society has created. If your hair is short, you’re a lesbian. If you wear all black and are depressed, you’re emo. If you walk or talk different, you have mental limitations.  How is that fair to anyone? Stop the stereotyping.

It does more damage than you could imagine. There is no reason to knock people down, there is no way you can feel like a better person after doing that. You’d be amazed at how your whole day can change when you make someone feel good about themselves. That rainy Tuesday could turn around and become this great day, it’s all up to you. Start building each other up. Self love is so important. I’m still working on that…

Sidenote: There is NOTHING wrong with being any of those things, I don’t want to upset anyone reading this. I mean no harm. 



Hold on Till May – Pierce the Veil


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