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All the Reasons Why

Am I the only one getting upset at how people are reacting to the story 13 Reasons Why now that it has become “popular”? I adore the book on so many levels and the whole story in itself, it puts you into the mind of someone who is suffering from depression, severely in fact.  My issue is that so many viewers are still not grasping the reason as to why this whole story came to be…this happens to not just fictional characters, this happens to your friends, family, collegues…real life people…real life people feel like Hannah Baker everybody. This is being treated more as a damn fandom than a serious problem. Stop making fan merchandise and following this bandwagon thing and start becoming aware as to what is going on around you. Think about the things you say to or about people before you do, because it does indeed impact them. Rumors do spread, harassment does hurt, bullying will damage, depression kills. Her story is sending a message, listen to it.


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